Birthday Cake For Hubby

Hi Everyone,
     Hope everyone is enjoying their day so far!!! 

If you read the Welcome I posted, you already know that I am a cake decorator, and today I wanted to share my most recent cake with you.  This is the cake that I made for my dear, sweet husband for his Birthday!!!

Please excuse the terrible photo quality, as I am still trying to work on my cake photography skills!!!  As you can see, it's a sneaker.  Carved from my go-to vanilla cake recipe, filled with french vanilla butter cream, and covered with fondant.  The Superman symbol and the picture of Superman on the tongue of the shoe, are both edible images, that were printed using my edible image printer (more to come on that fantastic little item later.) 

This shoe took a lot longer to complete than I thought it would, and I hope to be able to do another one in the near future, because I didn't take any progress pictures to share with you all, and I would like to do a tutorial on how to carve the cake and measure and cut all the pieces.  Please post a comment if you would be interested in a tutorial like this.

The shoe didn't end up quite as perfect as I would have liked it to, but I think it's ok for a first run, and on something with so much detail. 

Hope you like it!!!  Have a beautiful, blessed day!!!

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