Forgot to Mention & Commissary Savings

Good Morning!!!

It seems as though while I was introducing myself yesterday, I forgot to mention that I am a military spouse!!!  Although this blog won't particularly focus on that aspect of my life, I'm sure it will come up every now and then, especially on days like today, when I come across great deals for military families. 

I am a follower over at and if you get the chance, take a moment to go check out her blog.  Although she is an Army wife, and I am an Air Force wife, I find a lot of her information and posts very useful.  Well, this morning I awoke to find some "must-see" commissary deals that are sure to please those of us who are always looking for a good bargain.

Here is the link to some great commissary savings, overages and freebies provided by the wonderful folks over at A Full Cup!!!

Have a beautiful, blessed day!!!

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