Recycled Greeting Card Door Hanger

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I have been trying to get some Easter/Spring going on around the house for a couple of weeks now, but I just haven't found the time, not to mention I'm on a budget because we are planning to take a very nice family vacation this year (for the first time since my son was born, and he'll be 7 very, very soon). So, as you can see, the vacation is long overdue and I'm sure there is no need to explain why the budget comes into play!!!  Anyway, decorating for Easter/spring is pretty much non-existent this year, but I did have time to quickly make this little project. I actually got the idea from a birthday card that my wonderful husband gave me a couple of years ago. It unfolded into a hanging greeting card, and I loved it. I hope you like this project, and remember, I did it in a hurry so it's not perfect and I'm sure there are some very crafty folks out there who can make one look much better!!!

Ok, so let's get to this wreath.


1.  Greeting Cards
(I used 3.  Old or new. Please try to use any that you can recycle, you'll save a few dollars that way).
2.  Ribbon
(No particular amount listed because the space between each card and the length of the door hang portion is really up to the maker).
3.  Glue (Regular glue, hot glue, glue sticks, whatever you have on-hand will probably work)
4.  Scissors
5.  Decorative Bow or Flower (optional)


1. Cut the front portion of each of your greeting cards away from the backs, then determine the order in which you want them to hang.

2. Determine how far apart you want the space between each of your cards to be, and cut 2 pieces of ribbon according to your measurement. The space between each of my cards was about 2in.

3. Glue one strip of ribbon to each side (left and right) of the backs of the cards.

4. Cut another strip of ribbon (long enough to go from one side of the card to the other and have hanging space. Glue the ends of that strip of ribbon to the back of your top card, making sure it will hang correctly.

5. Add your decorative bow or flower to the top left or right corner of your top card.

6. Hang your creation and ENJOY!!!

This project was fun, inexpensive and very quick and easy to make. You could also do this using any kind of greeting cards, so pull out those old cards and get creative. Please let me know if you ever try it, I would love to see the outcome!!!


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  1. This is a wonderful idea if you wanna try something different from the ubiquitous wreath! I would love to knock on that door! Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my Easter hat :)

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment.

  2. Love how this turned out :) Really appreciate you linking up to Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate you hosting a great party!!!