Month of The Military Child-Giveaway!!!

Hello All,

I know I just started this blog, and I'm already falling behind in my posts, but I have been quite busy around the house, running a business, sports practices (anyone with kids would understand this one), and everything else!!!

Anyway, I figured I would stop in and do a nice giveaway today.

For those of you who don't know, April is the Month of the Military Child, and I know that sometimes we as parents forget the sacrifices that our children make having a parent(s) in the military.  Our children have to go through some of the same things we do, like leaving their friends for PCS moves, being without a parent for weeks or months and sometimes a year at a time, and dealing with some of the other everyday stresses that come with being a military child.  This is our month to give back to our children, and although I can't give much, I know their is a child and a military family that would appreciate what I have to give. 

So, in honor of the Military Child:"Our Future Leaders", I would like to give one lucky child a Custom Birthday Party Pack, and 2 other children a Custom Birthday Cake in the theme of their choice.

Please read all the rules of the giveaway carefully.  This giveaway is open ONLY to children who are dependants of active duty, retired and reserve military members, ages newborn-18 years old who reside in the local Holloman AFB/Alamogordo area.  There will also be a cookie prize given to ONE non-local child, so parent's please feel free to enter if you do not reside in the local area. 

Custom Birthday Party Pack
Grand Prize Includes:
  1. Custom Invitations and Thank You Cards
  2. Custom Designed Mini Dessert Table:
                                       1 Small Custom Cake
                                       12 Cupcakes w/ Custom Picks
                                       12 Decorated Cookies
                                       12 Custom Water Bottle Labels
                                       1 Custom Designed Banner
                                       Matching Nut Cups for Snacks 
                                       12 Matching Favor Bags (not filled)   
The entire Mini Dessert Table will be designed and set up by me personally!!! 

Second Prize:
                       1 Custom Birthday Cake (Restrictions Do Apply-Winner will be notified of restrictions in "notice of winning" email.)

Third Prize: 
                       1 Custom Birthday Cake (Restrictions Do Apply-Winner will be notified of restrictions in "notice of winning" email.)

Non-Local Prize:
                       1 Dozen Decorated Cookies

To enter the giveaway, you must be a follower/subscriber of my blog (Yes, you can subscribe or follow and then enter the giveaway).  Parents, please leave a comment on this post telling me how much you appreciate your Military Child! 

The first local subscriber to leave a wonderful comment will receive the Grand Prize.  The second and third place winners will be chosen at random, and the first NON-LOCAL subscriber to post will receive the Non-Local Prize.

Winners will be chosen and notified by email no later than Sunday, April 15, 2012 10pm MT.

Good Luck to all who enter, and please remember to show love and support to ALL of our Military Children!!! 


Thanks for stopping by!!!
Have a Beautiful, Blessed Day!!!



  1. Wow! So I am so glad that I stumbled across your blog : ) And what do you know, the first post I read about is one that recognizes the Month of the Military Child. As a once dual-military family (I just recently left the Navy in March), I can certainly attest to the many sacrifices military children make--and my 5 year-old daughter is no stranger to them. Despite the many family separations due to countless deployments "to sea" between my husband and I, she never ceases to amaze me. With the many transitions we have encountered over the years, I am so proud of my truly is beyond words. I would be lying if I said it has not been emotionally challenging for all us--my daughter has been uprooted from "home" on several occasions, but has continued to thrive because of the loving support of close family and friends--for which we would be lost without.

    As I was reading the Alamogordo Daily News the other day, I read about the call for the community to "Purple Up" on March 13 in support of military children. I was glad to see purple. Alamogordo is such an amazing community when it comes to supporting military families that it makes me proud to be here and I cannot wait to reunite with my daughter next month so she can be a part of it herself. Because of family transitions (for me, recent return from deployment and relocation to Alamogordo in March and husband's year-long deployment to sea), the family made the decision to not disrupt our daughter's school year. As is such, to welcome her to Alamogordo (yet another change in her young life as a military child), a birthday/welcoming party was already in the works for next month. She deserves it!

    I realize that the call for comments was to enter a contest (which we would not mind winning to help us celebrate LOL), but what is more important is that this post has cause me to reflect and appreciate the many sacrifices my daughter has made as a military child. The experiences of military children are nothing shy of unique and extraordinary—even at just 5-years old, my daughter has endured so much change. I am just so thankful and extremely proud of her : )


    1. Hi,and thank you so much for sharing your love of your military child. I agree that being 5 years old and uprooted can be hard, simply because when our children are that age, they don't understand the "why's" of it all. I am so glad that you have such love and support for your daughter, and you are the winner of the Grand Prize, so please send my your email address so that we can start making plans for your daughter's Welcome/Birthday party, and thank you for helping me celebrate our military children!!!