It Finally Rained!!! Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!

Ok, so I live on base, in what most of us would call the desert, surrounded by mountains, and I was so excited yesterday because it rained.  I know, goofy right?


I really love a gloomy sky sometimes.

Before the rain, it was a bit gloomy, and the wind was blowing some very cool air around and it felt so nice.  Then the wind got a little colder, and I felt like I needed a jacket (after having temps in the mid 90's for the past couple of weeks.)  Then a storm rolled in.  Heavy, sharp lightening and thunder, slightly high winds and very cold, heavy rain.  I must say, that it was a welcomed storm for those of us who live here I'm sure, and I really enjoyed being out in the cool weather for a change.

I like the scenery of the moutains being so close.

It's a very different climate than what I'm used to being from South Carolina.  It's very dry here, and on the hottest days, the wind does not blow at all.  It gets really windy here sometimes, and we have nothing but dirt for the wind to blow around, so we have actual "dust storms" sometimes.  Those aren't as fun as rainy days are!

I know this post might not be of any interest to most, but I was so excited about the rain, I had to share!!!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a beautiful, blessed day!!!

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