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Have you heard of TheBlog Workshop?  I have.  I have just become a member of this amazing blogging community, and today I would like to share all they have to offer with you. 

The Blog Workshop is community that based on helping bloggers and vloggers grow through the use of workshops for learning and training, conferences and an online community for networking.  This learning community is dedicated and working very hard to help bloggers receive the education and help they need to bridge the gap between those who influence, brands, PR professionals and more.  Their motto is “Where Blogging Meets Business.”

The Blog Workshop also has a sector called the The Blog Workshop University, which is a very important part of this teaching community.  The Blog Workshop University is focused on teaching bloggers and vloggers how to better serve brands and sponsors so that they can become a force within the blogging community.   When you enroll in the University, you will learn

  • Blog Design
  • Blog Writing
  • Blog Business
  • and Blog Marketing
You can enroll in The Blog Workshop University by going here:  http://theblogworkshop.com/university/

The Blog Workshop is being organized by the very talented and goal oriented Da Vinci, who is the founder of YourLifeAfter25.com.  Da Vinci is a veteran blogger with 10 years of blogging experience.  Da Vinci has also had the chance to watch the blogging world grow and evolve into what it is today.  With a very vast following, 300,000+ page views per month and also over 1,500,000+ impressions/page views per month, who wouldn’t want to learn from this vet?

The Blog Workshop’s next training called “Surviving SEO” is coming up June 26th, 2013 from 8pm-9pm and will focus specifically on Search Engine Optimization.  There will be 45 minutes dedicated to learning and 15 minutes of questions and answers.  This training will be given by Dan R. Morris who is dedicated to helping bloggers by teaching them how to employ leverage in their business, identify where they are generating revenue and how to align their blog with their dreams.  You can visit Dan’s website here.  During this training, Dan will be focusing on:

  • Descriptions
  • Keywords and Keyword research
  • Plugins
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Structuring your content for effective S.E.O
  • And More

This community seems to be very focused on helping bloggers and vloggers of any niche grow and become the best they can, and I am certainly glad that I have become a part of such dedicated and helpful community. 

You can find more information on The Blog Workshop and join by visiting:


You can also connect here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBlogWorkshop
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBlogWorkshop
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/theblogworkshop
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/theblogworkshop

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