Can I Do It???~Ultimate Blog Challenge

So, here I am again, trying to get my blog to where I want it, and I came across the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  This challenge is a virtual event that is held every quarter, and the goal is to help bloggers write and share a new blog post every day for the entire month of the challenge.

This is very exciting for me, because I find it hard to post every day and sometimes even every week, so I am excited about jumping in on this one.  I am ready to go!!! 


My goals for this month, even with family vacation just around the corner, are to:

  • Post more recipes
  • Post more craft tutorials
  • Post more cake decorating tutorials
  • Share more projects of all kinds that I have come to love
  • and more
Now, while I am very excited about this, I am also quite nervous that I won't be able to accomplish it.  Only because like I said, I find it hard to find something to post about so often, and I will be on vacation for most of the month.

I am going to need some encouragement from my readers and any thoughts on what you would like to see me write about on the blog that has anything to do with cooking, baking, crafts, diy, our vacation etc.  So, if you would please take a moment to comment and let me know what you would like to see more of, that's what I'll shoot for. 

As usual, thanks so much for stopping by, and wish me luck!!!  Feel free to join me and take this journey yourself!!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a beautiful, blessed day!


  1. Well, since you took the time to comment on my blog, I figured I would stop by here as well. I do try to be reciprocal when I can!☺
    I'm going to follow you so I can keep up with your recipes and crafts! Best of wishes. You're off to a good start!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I try to get to more people than required so that I can befriend more fellow bloggers. I love blogs and bloggers and I try to do anything I can to help others!!!

  2. Hello Ashley,
    I believe you will be able to do the challenge. I love the look of your blog. P.S. I couldn't find your name on your "About Me: section.

    1. Thank you so much for the heads upn on the name Pamela. On my way to fix that now!!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope my posts for this month are appealing to you!!!

  3. Beautiful site, Ashley! Don't worry so much about the challenge. At least the creators allow multiple posts in a day. You are not alone, I have three more posts today to get caught up. You can do it!

    1. Yes, we can. I am doinf my best, and that's already more than normal, so I'm happy!!!

  4. I like reading about people"s vacations and seeing pictures.. Are you doing anything special? I'll be blogging vacation stuff too this month. I so much more like reading people's travel experiences than generic travel sites.

    History Sleuth's Writings UBC

    1. Yes, this is a very big "first real" vacation that we've ever had. We are super excited. I can't wait to get it started. I will make sure to follow and keep up with your vacation as well.