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So, we are finally back from our much-needed, very tiring and very first "real" family vacation.  We all had a blast and can't wait until we get the chance to do it again.  I am also very excited to share some pictures and stories from our trip, but before I do, I think now would be a good time to share a guest post with travel tips from a very sweet lady named Kendra Thorton, for those of us who are traveling home from vacation or for those of us who are taking later vacations.

Bio: Kendra is a Travel advocate, TV spokesperson, PR businesswoman and a proud wife and mama of 3.  She is a long time travel expert who has been packing her bags and traveling the world since she was 3 months old.  Kendra says "I've found my utmost desire in life is right here in my own home.  I have taken my excitement for travel and brought it to you with some of my favorite travel tips and tricks.  Enjoy!"

I hope you enjoy Kendra's post, and I will be back soon with details from our trip and new recipes, giveaways and crafts are coming up soon as well.

Guest Post By Kendra Thorton

Your Must Follow Guide for Enjoyable Travel with Children

One. Flying with a baby can certainly be overwhelming.  With all of the safety precautions, getting you, your family and your stuff onto the airplane is no easy feat.  Luckily for moms, the 3-1-1 liquid rule does not apply to baby formula and food. This means you are allowed to bring these liquids through security in your carry-on without repackaging them to 1oz containers.  In addition to this, be mindful of the foods you are exposing your children to while traveling.  Stick to foods they’re used to eating as it takes a few days for an allergic reaction to set in. 

Two.  Before you chose the first hotel in your destination’s hotel search result, do some digging.  Finding a family friendly hotel will save you a great deal of hassle later.  Refrigerators for bottles, arcades for entertainment and pools for the entire family are just some of the amenities that will help your family truly enjoy your next trip.  For those looking for round the clock fun, look into a family friendly resort.  My family stayed at a terrific kid friendly resort in Oahu that was still rated as a top Honolulu hotel for luxury. These resorts keep the entire family in mind when designing their entertainment and amenities, so you’ll save time and headaches with these all-inclusive options.

Three. There is nothing worse when traveling than losing your luggage…except losing your luggage when traveling with kids.  With all of your essentials carefully packed, making sure you leave the airport with your extra diapers and water floaties is a necessity.  To avoid losing your token black suitcase to another family, tie a distinct colored ribbon or piece of fabric to your luggage.  This will make it easier to locate and deter someone from accidentally walking off with your bag. You’ll be on the way to your hotel in no time. 

Four. Don't Bog Yourself Down with Diapers. If you're bringing along an infant or toddler, you'll probably need diapers. However, they certainly take up a lot of space. Why not have them delivered instead? You'll need a few for the trip out there, but you can have a supply sent right to your destination. It will be one less thing you'll have to worry about leaving behind and there’s free shipping too!

Five. Even something as simple as an app on your mobile phone can entertain kids for a portion of the trip. If you are traveling by car, you have the advantage of being able to take along toys for toddlers and babies. Make sure to pack a special favorite toy in addition to a few new toys to capture the interest of your young ones. For flights, you will need to prepare to bring only one or two smaller toys along. Make sure you are familiar with the rules for electronics before choosing the right option. 

Many thanks to Kendra for sharing these wonderful tips and I hope you all enjoy!

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