Halloween Adventure~Power Rangers Halloween Costumes #Review

I received the following item in exchange for review.  However, all opinions are my 100% my own.

Halloween is right around the corner, and with that comes shopping for costumes.  My family loves dressing up for Halloween, and most of the time my kids know right away which costume or theme they want.  This year my daughter (4) decided she wanted to be a Pink Power Ranger.  I was very excited that she knew what she wanted to be so early, but at the same time, I was thinking, I've never seen a girl Power Rangers costume in her size.

That's where Halloween Adventure came in.  They had the perfect costume for her.  She was so thrilled when it came in the mail, that she couldn't wait to try it on.  It was a little big for her, but with a few safety pins, it ended up working out just fine and besides, it is cold here when Halloween comes, so its great that there is a bit of room for her to wear some warm clothes underneath.

How cute is that???

The material of the costume was awesome and it was very easy to put on her.  I am so used to those little flimsy, plastic type costumes from when I was a child, that I would have never thought that a costume could be of such good quality.  You can definitely tell that Halloween Adventures knows their stuff.  The ease in finding what I was looking for on the site was great.  The site took me directly to the section of costumes I was looking for after I typed in my search.

My daughter can't wait until Halloween comes so that she can go trick-r-treating in her Awesome new costume.

My experience with Halloween Adventures and the Power Rangers Halloween Costume was great.  I would recommend this site and any of it's sister sites to anyone looking for costumes and party supplies.

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