Interactive Plush Pals #Giveaway

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How cute are these little Interactive Plush Pals?  Not only are they cute, they are fun to use with your mobile device or MP3 player.  Supremely Divine Life is happy to be able to help Holiday Contest and Sweeps bring you this fabulous giveaway.  Wouldn't you just love to have something so adorable and interactive for yourself or your kids?  Scroll down for more information and to enter the giveaway!!!

Holiday Contest and Sweeps
Along With a Amazing Group of Blogs

Proudly Presents
Interactive Plush Pals Giveaway

3 - Winners 3 - Great Prize Packages

Grand Prize Package

1 Winner receives a Complete Set of All 3 Interactive Plush Pals 

Second & Third Place Winners -Prize Package

1 - Individual Interactive Plush Pal 

Interactive Plush Pals by Viatek

 the must have mobile phone/ MP 3 accessory. These adorable pals
 not only speak in time with the other person on the other end of the 
phone but work as an interactive MP 3 speaker! Watch as Patch the 
Dog, Manny the Monkey or Freddy the Frog sing and dance along to  
the music on your phone or MP 3 player.

To use, simply plug your Interactive Plush Pal into any phone using the 
headphone jack. Put your phone on speaker and watch as your Interactive
 Plush Pal sings, dances, or speaks in time with the other person on the phone. 


My name's Patch! I'm full of energy and I
love to sing and dance and play. I'm from
a town that is full of fun things to play
with, like cats, cars, and pigeons, but
they always run away from me!
Would you like to play with me?

Freddy The Frog

I'm Freddy! I've lived all by
myself in the swamp since I was
just a tadpole. The swamp is a lonely
place for a little frog. I need a friend
to play with and sing to. Will you 
take me home and be my friend?

Manny Was Shy and Didn't Make a Video!

Hello! I'm Manny.I Live in the jungle
and spend my days climbing trees and 
swinging on vines. All of the animals
 in the jungle like to sing and chatter
together, but I would love to come home
 with you! Just as long as you have plenty
 of bananas to share!

These will make a excellent addition to your child's Christmas list.
If your not lucky enough to win one of the masterfully created Pals
you can order your very own set of three or individually at Viatek's
website. Take advantage on their sales prices today before Santa buys
them all up.

This giveaway will end at 12:00 AM (EST) 1/15/2014

This giveaway is in no way associated, endorsed or 
affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest in any way.

Holiday Contest and Sweeps did not receive any type of 
compensation for this giveaway. Viatek Consumer Products
will be responsible for the awarding and shipping of the prize
packages directly to the winners. The winners will have 48 hours
once their prize notification has been sent out to reply with the requiredinformation.  
Failure to do so will result in another winner to be drawn.

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  1. I think these are such an neat idea! My kids are 20 and 15 so they are too old for them but I know they would have loved them!!

  2. super cute; its amazing what they come up with for children now! i had little trinket toys and that was only in the 90's!

  3. cute, too bad my kids are too old for this! Have to wait for the grandkids -- in a decade or two!

  4. This is so cute! It would make a nice gift for my nephew. I am going to have to remember this toy when his birthday comes around again!

  5. This are so stinking cute and hope to win one for my kiddos! :) Thank you for sponsoring :)

  6. These are so cool! My daughter would really like them!

  7. krystal wethingtonJanuary 1, 2014 at 2:06 PM

    I hope you have a happy new year.

  8. My niece and nephew would love these! Wish they had things like this when my kids were still little.

  9. These are adorable. I am not sure which one is the cutest.

  10. This would be a good gift for my 1 yr old niece

  11. I think my daughter would LOVE these - she loves anything that sings, talks, makes music :)

  12. These are so adorable. My daughter would love all of them.

  13. Love these, I want to get the Manny The Monkey! He's so cute!

  14. How son would love these...he loves plush toys!

  15. these look so cute and fun! my daughter would love the frog!

  16. How cool, I would love to get the monkey for my son!

  17. They are all adorable but to be honest my son loves elephants. But these guys are adorable!

  18. Oh wow, these are so cute! I have never even heard of these. This is why I love reading posts! Thank you so much, I know what I can get my granddaughter next! haha

  19. These are so cute, my grandson would love one of these.

  20. So endearing these little animals are to all of us. I would love to give one of these to each little person I know.