Spiced Holiday Sugar Cookies Recipe #McCormickBaking

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Holiday Baking!!!  What can I say?  I absolutely love having an excuse to always be in the kitchen baking during this time of year.  Cooking in general is fun, but I really get my kicks from baking sweets.  I love my sweet treats and I am always trying out new recipes and trying to find the next fabulous treat for my family.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a McCormick brand recipe that I'd never tried before, and it was DELICIOUS!!!  I made these amazing Spiced Holiday Sugar Cookies, and this recipe has already been placed into my saved recipes category. 

Let me start by saying that Yes, I think I might have a McCormick seasonings addiction.  I love all of their seasonings that I've ever tried, and I'm sure you can tell by the image (that's just a few from my collection), that I am no stranger to the McCormick brand.  I am also sure that if you find any of my recipes (those posted here and other places) you might see a McCormick seasoning being used at some point.  I can't help it.  Their seasonings work so well for all the reasons they say, and then some.  I can't tell you how many times I've used a seasoning that was for one thing, and it ended up giving the right amount of pizazz to what I was making.  I must admit, that when it comes to seasonings for me, taste, quality and affordability are some of the most important things to me, and the McCormick brand is my chart topper. 

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, lets get to these fabulous cookies.  These cookies baked great, had a nice crispy outside and were slightly soft inside, just the way I like my cookies.  The added spice seasonings were just right and not too overwhelming, which was perfect for my family.  My husband and daughter liked them so much, that they didn't even last one full night.  I made one batch of cookies, and only had 4 cookies left the next day.  We devoured them!!!  They were just that good.  And to top it all off, McCormick even supplies you with a recipe for cookie icing and instructions for decorating.  Believe me when I say, you will want to try this recipe.  It is simple, quick and easy to make and they taste so good!!! 


If you are interested in testing out this great recipe for yourself;

 You can also find more information on McCormick and all their wonderful spices here: 

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  1. I love how awesome these look. I tried using cutters for Halloween and failed miserably. I would love to try it again this time I won't use chocolate chip

  2. Yum! These are delicious looking! I so want to try this recipe! I love McCormik also!!!