Rent Text Books & Make Money w/Campus Book Rentals

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 For those of you who don't yet know what Campus Book Rentals is, it is a text book rental program that allows students to rent text books at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them, while not running the risk of your books losing value at the end of the semester.  The program makes it easy to rent text books online, shipping both ways is free.

Campus Book Rentals is ideal for those of us who don't wish to, or can't afford to pay full price for the text books that we need.  Here are a few more reasons you might want to consider using Campus Book Rentals.  Along with the ease of renting text books online, you also get benefits like:
  • Saving 40-90% off of bookstore prices.
  • You are able to highlight in the books.
  • The offer flexible renting periods.
  • And they also donate Operation Smile with every textbook rental.
Operation Smile is an international children's medical charity whose mission is to help children living with things like cleft palate, cleft lip and other facial deformities live their lives with dignity.  Operation Smile works with children worldwide and they perform safe, effective surgery to repair facial deformities.  They also help to provide the necessary medical care those children to recover.

Campus Book Rentals also has a new program called RentBack that allows students to rent the textbooks they own to other students.  This options also gives students the chance to make 2-4 times more money compared to what they would make through buyback options (selling books back at the end of the semester).  How awesome is that???

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