About Me

Hi All!!!

Welcome to my brand new, first time, hopefully interesting (to someone) blog. This blog will be used simply to focus on the things that I love and the things that bring JOY to my life as a wife, SAHM (stay at home mom), cake decorator/event planner wannabe, want-to-be DIY'er and everything in between.

I started out wanting to use this blog to focus on just one particular aspect of my life, but I love all of the things I mentioned above so much, that I figured why not share the joy with others and hopefully inspire and get inspired by some readers.

I guess I should actually start by telling you a little bit about myself. I am (at the time of starting the blog) a 30 year old stay at home mom to two very wonderful and very energetic children, wife to an amazing man, part time student and just like a lot of you, the list goes on, and on and on!!!! I LOVE Christ and my Family first and foremost, and nothing comes before them in my eyes. I have an extreme love for cake decorating and baking, and I guess cooking as well, for the most part (which I will definitely focus on in the blog). I am in no way, shape or form one of the best out there as far as cake decorating goes, but I will be there one day, LOL (God Willing), and I plan to share my journey along the way. I love DIY home projects and projects that focus on things for kids, but I don't get to do much of it these days. I do have a few DIY home projects on the list to get done within the next few months, so please subscribe to the blog and maybe you will be inspired to get some of your home projects done, as well as keep me motivated to get my projects done.

I don't want this introduction to be too long, so I'll just end it by saying, I hope to be able to share my love of the all the things listed above frequently with you, and I hope you enjoy everything that I share. Please feel free to contact me by leaving comments or by sending emails if there is anything you would like to see on the blog or if you have any questions about something on the blog.

I will be sharing:
1) Baking and Cooking Recipes and Tutorials
2) Cake Decorating Stories and Tutorials
3) DIY and Decorating Projects that I complete and some from other wonderful bloggers and websites (with permission of course).
4) And anything else I see fit to share on my blog!!!

Thank you for stopping by, don't forget to subscribe and follow me.

Have a Beautiful, Blessed Day!!!

P.S. I am totally "NOT" a facebook person, LOL!!!

You can find me all these places as well!!!
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/supremelydivinelifeblog
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Addison1Ashley
Pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/supremelydivine/
Instagram:  http://instagram.com/ash_ad


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